Historical: Patriarchial Blessing of Wilford Woodruff Jr.

Blessing given to Wilford Woodruff Jr.
as recorded in his father's journal.

Blessing Received Feb 3rd, 1854

This blessing, given by Wilford Woodruff Sr., lacks certain features of the standard patriarchal blessing. Most notably, there is no clarification of Wilford Jr.'s bloodline. It should also be noted that Woodruff Sr. was not a patriarch at the time of the blessing. The justification for the inclusion of this blessing comes from elsewhere in Woodruff Sr.'s journal:
[March] 22d [1847] Brother B. Young spoke upon the subject of Patriarchal Blessings & the Blessing of Children. Said that any father who held the Priesthood was A Patriarch to his own family & when He blessed his children it was a patriarchal Blessing. If a man wrote the Blessing of his Children & could get the Historian to write it it was well enough but the Historian could not write all the Children Blessings in the Church.
There is some question in my mind as to whether Apostle Woodruff was doctrinally justified in pronouncing some of these blessings. The most suspicious is, "I seal you up unto Eternal life and no power shall take your crown." Its intent appears to be substantially similar to the second anointing. His promise that his son would become an apostle probably wouldn't have set well with Brigham Young either.
Feb 3d 1854 As my son Wilford was to commence this morning to begin to officiate in the priests office. . . I called my family together for the purpose of Prayer and Dedicating my son unto the Lord. His father and mother laid hands upon his head and Dedicated him unto the Lord. The following is a copy of the Blessing bestowed upon his head:

Wilford Woodruff Jr. Born In Montrose Iowa March 22d 1840 Received the following blessing under the hand of his father Wilford Woodruff sen one of the Twelve Apostles City of the Great Salt Lake Feb 3d 1854 when he was 13 years & 323 days old.

Wilford in the name of Jesus Christ and by virtue of the Holy Priesthood I lay my hands upon your head and seal upon your head a Fathers blessing and seal upon you the priesthood of Aaron which you have received and also to dedicate you unto God for the purpose of the ministry. I seal upon your head all the blessings of Abram Isaac & Jacob. I seal you up unto Eternal life and no power shall take your crown. And you shall live long upon the Earth and do great good and bring many souls into the kingdom of God. And you shall stand in the defence of Zion and if you will be faithful in keeping the Commandments of God you shall Receive the fulness of the priesthood and the Apostleship and the keys thereof and shall follow the footsteps of thy father wherein he has been faithful in the Apostleship. And thou shalt live and not die.

Thy body shall not be laid in the grave but thou shalt live till the coming of Christ. Then shall the body be changed in the twinkling of an eye from mortality to immortality, and Shall be caught up to meet the Lord in the air when he shall come in the clouds of heaven to meet with the saints on the earth.

Thou shalt be a great man on the Earth. Thou shall have posterity and thy sons shall bear the priesthood after thee. Thou shall be a comfort and consolation to thy father & Mother in their declining years. Thou shall cause the heart of thy mother to rejoice who has laboured hard to preserve thy life from thy infancy up to this day. Thou shall have power to teach the great things of the kingdom of God and do great miracles. Thou shall heal the sick & cast out Devils in the name of Jesus Christ. Thou shalt see visions & dream dreams & angels shall administer unto thee and teach thee great things. Thou shall see Zion esstablished in great power and glory. I seal all these Blessings upon you in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

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