Patriarchal Blessing #5

Submitted September 25, 1999

November 19, 1998

Jessica ------ --------, by the Name of Jesus Christ, and by virtue of the Holy Melchezidec Priesthood which I bear, and my calling as a Patriarch, I lay my hands on your head and give you a Patriarchal Blessing.

Jessica, I bless you that you may always remain faithful and true to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, that you will find a closeness as you draw closer in your life and remain there you will find our Savior will accompany you, you will feel His Spirit, you will feel His Spirit to help you in those times of great need and in times when you have questions to ask. I bless you that you may keep your life in such a manner that you shall always find His Spirit welcome to abide with you. I bless you that as you continue your schooling, you shall find that as you apply yourself diligently, the Lord will give you the extra help you need for those things that you desire to learn so that you may continue and progress to prepare yourself for those things that you will ---- in this life.

I bless you with health and strength, that you may be able to always step forward to share your strength with others to help those in need, those who are weaker, that you will be able to help --- --- -- common problems of the world and you yourself will also be able to rise above those problems that might cause you to be discouraged. Our Heavenly Father will give you the closeness of His Spirit to guide and direct you in all the things that you need to do in this life. Stay close to him, search out the good books and those things in this life will help you, good music, good reading and good movies and entertainment. Make sure that by keeping yourself close to Our Heavenly Father, you will not be partaking of those which are untoward or which are not worthy of your time and effort. I bless you that you may know that Our Heavenly Father loves you, and that He and His son, Jesus Christ, will stand by you and assist you in any time that you have need. You will be able to rise above the common, the ordinary, and rise to great heights having the Spirit of Our Heavenly Father there to guide and direct you and you will find that as you heed His counsel and His promises, you will be greatly enriched.

Now I bless you that you may always seek out the knowledge that is available to you from the Prophets who are upon the face of the Earth today. you will see others come and go, for each man will be called of Our Heavenly Father will be able to give you guidence. Read the General Reports, Listen to Conference when it is broadcast, and you will find a daily---- of-----to partake of. These will enrich your life and help you to grow and meet the various-------that might confront you in this life. I bless you may be 'lifted up' in Spirit, that you will find the joy in your life, and be able to spread this joy unto others, sharing with them the knowledge that you will have concerning the Gospel in this Restoration, that you may be able to help others understand. You will be a Missionary in very real terms all the time throughout your life's length and breadth, no matter where you are, you will have the things that you will see in these latter days, many things are coming to pass that have only been dreamed of before, the increase in the number of Temples and the opportunity to do, to do, to be able to participate in the Temple Ordinances and that you shall have the opportunity of meeting a young man who will be able to take you to the Temple and you shall be sealed for Time and All Eternity.

Now I bless you with the discernment which is necessary that as you date young men, you will be able to discern those who are worthy of your life and you will be able to keep your own life in accord with the principals of the Gospel. I bless you that you may be 'lifted up' at any time that you are discouraged, turn to Our Heavenly Father and listen to Him and He will provide you with the necessary things to help you to work out problems that may present themselves to you.

I bless you that you may know that you are of the House of Israel through the Tribe of Manasseh, and through this Tribe you shall receive those special blessings allocted unto those of this lineage. You shall find the opportunity will come to you to receive from Our Heavenly Father many temporal blessings as well as spiritual blessings. Accept of these things and enjoy them. Now I bless you that as you continue to live righteously, keep your life in tune with Our Heavenly Father's teachings, the day will come when you will be prepared when you have finished your journey here in this life, you will be prepared to return to His Presence and receive from Him His special commendation to you and for the life that you have led, and He and His Son will welcome you back into their Presence. I seal you to come up on the morning of the First Resurrection, and this I do in the Name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Some Old Guy


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