Included here are links to articles from a variety of sources all over the web, and I'm finally adding a few of my own rants. Articles are listed according to the religions they most closely deal with.

Why this site?: The obvious answer (too much time on his hands) will not be discussed.
My Religion Page FAQ:: Including links to other FAQs regarding religion, logic, reason, and Invisible Pink Unicorns.


Unanswerable Questions About the Book of Mormon: Well, okay, some of them are answerable.
My rebuttal to Gerald Lund's article, "Countering Korihor's Philosophies."
Joseph Smith's First Vision[s]: Can they all be right?
Apostasy: Some quotes to quash the apostate's self esteem.
Ex-Mormon Home Page: With interesting articles about prophecies, the LDS Church policy of mischaracterizing its past, and the former racism in LDS theology.
The Book of Mormon: Featuring a running commentary by a skeptic.
The Official LDS Home Page is surprisingly sparse.
The Not Quite Official LDS Home Page: ". . .this site is neither authorized nor sanctioned by the Church. . ."

Fundamentalist Christianity

What evidence is there that Christ rose from the dead?: You'll be surprised.
Josh McDowell: liar or lunatic?: I personally tend towards "liar."
The Power of Penguins: A short treatise on the power of prayer.
On Universes and Firing Squads: The problems with the "Fine Tuning Argument."
Ron Wyatt, Discoverer Extraordinaire!: This guy makes the career of Indiana Jones look dull by comparison. For anyone who might take him seriously, please read this interesting article.
Hank Hanegraaf's The Folly of Denying God: Featuring my running rebuttal.
Jack Chick: Paranoid Cartoonist.
Obligatory links to Biblical Contradictions: No blasphemous site is complete without one. . .


Pope Calls for Greater Understanding Between Catholics, Hellbound. A fictional[?] news story.


More than you ever wanted to learn about Scientology, brought to you by FACTNet. Right now, they're under a court order to not make available any "copyrighted material." Still, there's plenty to be had. Check out their Raid on FACTNet page to find out what's going on.
$cientology the Anti-Christ? I guess, under this theory, Nicole Kidman would be the 'Whore of Babylon.'
Attack of the scientology clones!!!!
They also had a link to this wierdest of websites. I have yet to figure out why.
I've never heard engrams described as "dead space cooties" before, but it fits perfectly. This gem alone makes a visit to this site a necessity.

New Age/Astrology

Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (CSICOP).


I have yet to look into it closely enough to Judaism closely enough to do an informed critique (and I'm frankly a bit confused about the whole pork thing). On a possibly related note, Dr. Laura scares me.


I'm half way through the Qu'ran, so please be patient. They have some sort of pork thing happening as well.

Cretinism versus Evilution

(*Note: Since the Biblical account of the six day creation is considered valid by Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and (with some modifications) the Jehovah's Witnesses and LDS Church, it didn't really fit in any of the previous categories.)

The Talk-Origins Archive is a great resource for countering all young earth claims.
The Creationism Section of The Secular Web has a variety of links to specific subjects.
Dr. Walt Brown's Center for Scientific Creation is just one of many speedbumps of credulity on the Information Superhighway. He and I do share some common views on two issues: The canopy theory can be ripped apart, and evolution and the Biblical creation are incompatible.
"Revolution Against Evolution" is a more cleverly named speedbump. I hope someday to respond with my own website, called "Revolt Against Creationist Kooks! Evolution Must Ultimately Prevail!" (RACK 'EM UP!)
Answers in Genesis is an Australian-based speedbump. Apparently, they're one of the better-funded groups. I wish they'd bring one of their seminars to Utah.


The World Wide Study Bible: Any passage, any translation. A very useful tool.
Text of the Book of Mormon: I've seen others, but this is the only one that cuts download time by letting you take one chapter at a time.
A worthy project?: Feel qualified? Help translate the Bible into Klingon! Bring God's Word unto a fallen and degenerate people!
The Secular Web: Resources for Church-State separation, historical and modern essays on atheism and religion, and a rough and tumble discussion board which I contribute to on an irregular basis.
The Skeptic Tank: Includes several great articles. You may even answer the question, "What's this deal about Scientology and clams ?"
The Hamster Dance! Thousands of tiny dancing hamsters! Not exactly "religious" in nature, but certainly (I may be guilty of extreme understatement here) the single most important site on the Web.

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