Catholicism: The One True Church?

or just a passing fad?

I'll admit, I've only attended one Catholic Mass. I was in a six month army school, and one of my buddies invited me to attend. I was a bit confused, having never been to a church which required much audience participation. There was quite a bit of standing, sitting, kneeling, shaking each other's hands, and doing the cross sign (I tried it once, but got it backwards and possibly upside-down. I swear it was an honest mistake). I thought the service was supposed to be in Latin, but apparently there was a relatively recent change in that tradition.

That's one of the great things about the Catholic church. Anything within two hundred years can be thought of as "recent." It kind of puts things into perspective. To its credit, my experience with the organization as a whole is that they know their history, and make no bones about the fact that their church did some really nasty things in God's name. Though I won't name names, certain other organizations could learn a lot from this attitude.

General is the official website of the Catholic Church. I found their Secret Archives to be somewhat ironic. Once something has been plastered on the Internet, secrecy has pretty well been shoved out the window.


Pope Calls for Greater Understanding Between Catholics, Hellbound. A fictional[?] news story from the good folks at The Onion.

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