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Congratulations on finding your way to the single most obscure site on the Web (well, the most obscure site worth mentioning, anyways.) It's taken quite a lot of work, but today, I am the proud owner of one of the millions of mediocre websites hosted by Tripod and other similar internet services such as e1Cgo@Xl rq*tSa$tb_8 and v0=>!tcpRlA.

[Note: There are no services like Tripod. Tripod is the apex of the World Wide Web. We have 3.6 million members, all of whom are way cooler than anyone who would want to use any other service, if such a service did in fact exist. -The Friendly Folks at Tripod]

I created this site to explore the question that has plagued me for a very long while now: What should I do with all my spare time? The answer, of course, was to goof around on a computer.

Allow me to introducte myself. Last I checked, I was Bryce Anderson, army dude, failed writer and author, and eternally devoted student at Salt Lake Community College. At the moment, I'm twenty-two years old, trying to get a Novell Networking certification, and embarrassingly single. In a former life, I was Acalakula, Dolphin King of Atlantis. Or so I've been told.

My family consists of the alloted two parents, me, an older brother, two little sisters, a couple of cats who show up at the door for food, and whoever else happens to be moved in at the moment.

Over the last few years, I've tried my hand at love, science fiction writing, the United States Army Reserves, the visual arts, and stuffing three corn dogs in my mouth at the same time, all with unimpressive results.

I once had the noble goal of trying to minimize the graphical content on my site, in order to stave off the imminent collapse of the entire Internet for a few extra milliseconds. Later, I compromised my high moral standards by including some actual pictures. More recently, I finally figured out how to really use "tables," and gave the site a new "look and feel" which is more condusive to the message I'm trying to get across (Message: I know tables, so somebody should give me lots and lots of money). In short, I've sold out. Soon I'm sure this site will be just another JavaScript hell. I should just throw in a daily horoscope and be done with it.

Until then, go ahead and poke your nose around. After all, I created this site for you, because I care for you. That care is reflected in the loving craftsmanship with which each of these pages was slapped together.


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