Cretinism vs. Evilution

Well I'll be a monkey's uncle!

Since the Biblical account of the six day creation is considered valid by Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and (with some modifications) the Jehovah's Witnesses and LDS Church, it didn't really fit in any of the previous categories.

The Talk-Origins Archive is a great resource for countering all young earth claims.
The Creationism Section of The Secular Web has a variety of links to specific subjects.
Dr. Walt Brown's Center for Scientific Creation is just one of many speedbumps of credulity on the Information Superhighway. He and I do share some common views on two issues: The canopy theory can be ripped apart, and evolution and the Biblical creation are incompatible.
"Revolution Against Evolution" is a more cleverly named speedbump.
Answers in Genesis is an Australian-based speedbump. Apparently, they're one of the better-funded groups. I wish they'd bring one of their seminars to Utah.

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