A Quick Explanation

Make no mistake, I fully support the idea that there should be no laws against people being able to create their own website. These websites should allow their owners to express their creativity (or lack thereof). Apparently, the Church of $cientology(TM) agrees, and is making a push to get every $cientologist in the world on-line. But when I visited http://www.xmission.com/~mirele/oldspam.html, I was astonished to find that, instead of creating five thousand websites, they created the same website five thousand times.

Okay, so the owners of the webpages are either seriously lacking in creativity, or were simply too lazy to go beyond the cookie-cutter website kit they were provided. C'mon, Bryce. Why would you have a beef against that? Make no mistake, I fully support the idea that people should be allowed to be as lazy as they want, and this support is manifest in every facet of my daily life. But in order to see the real goal of this mammoth cloning project, you have to go to the HTML source code. Each page is choked so full of "meta tags" (instructions to ring the page up as a "hit" on a search engine) that anyone interested in looking for information on $cientology will have to wade through dozens, if not hundreds of these pages before finding anything other than a touchie-feelie affirmation of the wonders and powers of $cientology.

One has to wonder what the leaders of this pseudo-religion are trying to accomplish. Are they trying to simply advertise themselves? Or make it impossible for the other side to be heard?

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