Historical: Patriarchial Blessing of Wilford Woodruff

Blessing given to Wilford Woodruff
as recorded in his journal.

Blessing Received April 15th, 1837

Note: /Material enclosed by slashes/ denotes later interlinear additions by Wilford Woodruff.

At a blessing meeting held at the LORDs house in Kirtland Ohio on the 15th day of April AD. 1837, Joseph Smith sen. the Patriarch of the Church of latter day Saints confered a blessing upon the head of Willford Woodruff son of Aphek Woodruff born in Farmington Hartford County Conn. March the 1st 1807.

My beloved Brother I lay my hands on thy head in the name of JESUS CHRIST the son of the living GOD and seal a blessing on thy head which shall reach thy posterity a seal that shall not be taken from thee. I bless thee as Melchisedeck blessed Abram when he returned from the Slaughter of the ten kings. I confer on the[e] all the blessings of Abram Isaac and Jacob which includes all blessings both temporal and spiritual, the blessings of heaven & the blessing of the earth. Thou shalt have all the power and authority of the Melchesedeck priesthood.

Thou hast a great work to do in the earth. Thou shalt visit many barberous tribes of the earth. They shall seek to take thy life; yet God will give the power and wisdom to frustrate their designs. Thous shalt be blesed with posterity. Thy sons shall received the priesthood and be an ornament to the Church of Christ. Yea they shall be great men in the earth. Thou shalt be honor'd by them and they shall call thee blesed.

I place a seal on thy head & no power shall be able to take it from thee if thou are faithful in keeping the Commandments of God. This /seal/ shall guard thee against the destroyer. Thou mayest have the administration of the angels of heaven. An Holy angel shall soon administer unto thee and reveal unto thee thy duty yea and give unto the[e] many instructions. Thou shalt have the Spirit of God to instruct thee in my mission and lead thee into all truth. Thou shalt be filled with the Spirit of God. Thine eyes shall be opened to look within the veil and behold the things of eternity. /Yea the Lord of glory shall appear unto thee. Thou shalt put thy hands upon his feet and feel his wounds with thy hands that thou mayest be a special witness of his name./ Thou shalt understand great mysteries in this generation. Yea all the mysteries of the Kingdom of God and the wisdom of God shall cleave unto thee.

I seal all of thy former blessings on thy head and they shall be fulfiled. Thou shalt be a great man in the earth. Thy intellectual powers shall be preserved and thy understanding shall be great.

God has looked on thee from all eternity and has known thy Blood. Thou art a descendent of JOSEPH. Thou shalt stand in the flesh & witness the winding up scene of this generation. Thou shalt remain on the earth to behold thy Savior Come in the Clouds of heaven. Thou shalt be numbered with the one hundred forty and four thousand and shall stand upon Mount Zion and shall sing a song that no man can learn or sing except thy company.

Thou shalt have access ot the treasures hid in the sand to assist thy necessities. An angel of God shall show thee the treasures of the earth that thou mayest have riches to assist thee in gathering many orphan Children to Zion.

Thou art one of the horns of Joseph to push the people together to the ends of the earth. No power shall stay thee. At thy word the winds shall be stayed. Thou shalt walk upon the waters. At thy command the waters shall be divided. Prisons, chains, and vaults shall not hold thee /for thou shalt rend them in twain/. Thou shalt be deliverd out of the hands of thy enemies by the mighty power of God and by the prayer of faith. Thou shalt have great blessing.

Thou art of the Blood of Ephraim if thou will claim it by faith thou mayest bring all of thy relatives into the Kingdom of God for they are of the blood of Ephraim. In the name of Jesus Christ I seal this blessing on thy head by the authority of the Holy Priesthood I seal thee up unto Eternal Life. Even so AMEN.

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