Greasing the Iron Rod:

Musings of a Latter Day Scoffer


My intellectual apostacy: Ever wondered why the first sin was a desire for knowledge?
Apostacy: Some quotes to quash the apostate's self esteem.

Early Church History (15,000,000,000 BC - 1890 AD)

Joseph Smith's First Vision[s]:(off site) Can they all be right?
Is the LDS Church honest about its past? Boyd K. Packer thinks some people are too honest.
Prophecy: A discussion of various prophecies by Joseph Smith. LDS claims to the contrary, many incorrect prophecies are never discussed or are reinterpreted, while many correct ones could have been reasonably guessed, or were written after the events they predicted.
The patriarchial blessings of Joseph Smith and excerpts from the blessings of other early church members (off site).

Modern Church History (1890 - Present)

Dunn in the Name of God (off site): Jerald and Sandra Tanner write about the fraudulent "faith promoting stories" of Paul Dunn of the Presidency of the First Quorum of Seventy. The page reminds me of my short career as shooting guard with the Orlando Magic.
The Mark Hofmann tragedy is given excellent treatment in Dr. Shades' Mormonism Page, and has a bunch of links to further information.

Theology and Doctrine

Racism in LDS theology: The modern LDS Church should be commended for moving away from the inherent in older doctrines. However, the idea that a prophet might have led them astray regarding a fundamental doctrine makes it difficult to renounce these former views completely.
My Patriarchal Blessings page, including my own blessing.


My rebuttal to Gerald Lund's article, "Countering Korihor's Philosophies."
The Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies, or FARMS (Off Site) is the closest thing to an official apologetics division that the LDS Church has. Many of the Mormon faithful swear by their material.


Mahonri Moriacumer, Private Investigator: A glimpse into the eternities (you may not like what you see).
How to get your tithing money back: It will take some effort, but everything you gave the Church shall be yours again.
Playelder Magazine (off site): A delightfully blasphemous look at the young life of the Latter-day Saint from Hell (see "My Criminal Mischief Merit Badge").
Three Nephite Spotter's Guide (off site): Think you've seen one of the three nephites working at Wal-Mart(TM)? Did that hitchhiker have a spiritual glow about him? Fill out a report, and help document the comings and goings of these immortal beings. (Note: If you've seen John the Revelator around, you're on your own).
Terror on Flight 789, brought to you by William Shunn and Inhuman Swill. If anything this interesting had happened in my life, I would definitely have something on my biography page.
No Man Knows My Pancreas: Rewrite the First Vision to your own liking. Another masterpiece by William Shunn, and another painful reminder that I need to learn CGI.
Pornography and BYU(off site): This is a real page which comes up when a BYU student tries to access a pornographic site from campus computers. I wonder, would attempting to download the works of Rodin jeopardize a BYU student's status?

Mormons in the Media

Review of a Fireside by Lee Groberg, where he defends his work on American Prophet: The Story of Joseph Smith.
Interviews with President Hinckley, from 60 Minutes, Larry King Live, The Salt Lake Tribune (summarized), and the Australian "Compass".

The Book of Mormon

Unanswerable Questions About the Book of Mormon (off site): Well, okay, some of them are answerable.
The Annotated Book of Mormon:(off site) With a running commentary by a skeptic.
A searchable Book of Mormon (off site) can be pretty useful, especially when you need to figure out who Shiz was.

The Book of Abraham

Permanently under construction.

Web Resources

rpcman's (off site) could be the only website you ever need.
Jeff Lindsay's Cracked Planet (off site) is a fairly comprehensive LDS apologetics site. Interesting reading, no matter which side of the fence you're on.
The Official LDS Home Page (off site) is surprisingly sparse.
Recovery From Mormonism (off site): for has-beens and wanna-be has-beens. Don't miss their bulletin board. (off site): ". . .this site is neither authorized nor sanctioned by the Church. . ." yet many of the faithful seem to think of it as the fifth standard work.
Solomon Skink's Home Page (off site): I met the guy once. He was cool.

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