The Man, the Myth, the Legend
by Bryce Anderson
Glory is fleeting. Obscurity is forever. -Napoleon
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This page has been visited times since my poor gerbil Phil said his final goodbyes.

This page will someday become the most comprehensive resource for Bryce Anderson-related information on the planet!!! In the meantime, this is what I've slapped together.

There's not much about me that is really essential for everyone who meets me to know. In fact, I'll bet I can cover it in less than a paragraph:

Do not expose Bryce Anderson to open flame, extreme variations in temperature or pressure, or sudden blows. Avoid bringing Bryce Anderson in contact with high levels of radiation, extremely reactive chemicals, or fatty foods. If you follow these simple guidelines, Bryce has an operational lifespan of about eighty years.
You will notice that these guidelines can be generalized to many other members of the human race. So everyone play nice.

An Incomplete, Yet Self-Congratulatory Set of Mostly Broken Links:

Official Photos of Bryce Anderson: Me in a pickle suit!
Pictures of my girlfriend

The Story of My Life -- A Work in 249 chapters:

Chapter 1: The Early Years.[1]
Chapter 2: Under construction
Chapter 3: Also under construction
Chapter 4: Still under construction
Chapter 5: Permanently under construction
Other chapters forthcoming approximately five weeks after pigs learn to fly

1) I actually recycled this from something I wrote five years ago. I was too lazy to edit it then, and I'm too lazy to edit it now.


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